Determination in assisting others to succeed.

Recently, I received a phone call from one of my favorite music producers. He and I were discussing technical issues he was having with his project Music studio in Atlanta. As quickly as we begin to advance in technology our older equipment may not be compatible. So I assisted him with a lot of other options to resolve the issue. You see engineers and music producers buy so much gear at times that cost a great deal of money that they refuse to make any adjustments to what they use. So, we always have to find common ground. This means that we have to find ways to work with the current technology and the old technology. That is where an engineer like myself comes in and Jimmy rig some stuff.

Later, he and I discussed some newer projects we were both working on. He and I shared challenges producers have when they back new talent. It is one where the artist comes to you with no capital and promises you that they will help you and your music make so much money and fame etc..,. Then as soon as they get hot or not they leave you high and dry. Meanwhile, you are never compensated for your labor. Talk about a gamble. One that never pays the bills! But, it is part of the business. One that everyone must be mindful of before you take on a client. I find myself having certain expectations with every client. Making them aware of my expectations. This way everyone walks away getting what they want.

The two acts I have pictures of are acts that I have provided with assistance as an engineer. Package, Image, Booked, and sometimes Managed without compensation. This speaks to the love and determination I have for this industry. Sasha Truth and Romeo Riaz are the names of these acts. You can find their music by clicking on their names. Monetarily I expected to see a return on my investment. But no love would be lost if I found that I moved them further along in their careers then where they were when they first met me. This is how I judge my skills.

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