MJ and The Combination

Updated: Sep 16

After Micheal St Bernard completed a six song recorded EP in A C I Muzik Studios in Mount Laurel NJ. I introduced him to Band leader/Music director Jesse Smith. He studied his music and voice. Then he found some other musicians and created a band that would work for MJ and "The Combination" was formed. They immediately found a chemistry and began playing a few R&B classics. You know the kind your momma played around the house while you did your chores or washed the car. Yes, those Classics.

These Musicians are truly some of the best I have ever heard. Their lead vocalist (MJ) adds to that bounce you get in your seat when that music gets a hold of you. The bond they immediately created as musicians quickly created that perfect combination. As witnessed by Kimmie Smith. No stranger to good music herself as she has hosted many events in the area of entertainment. (who, by the way, created the name of the band.)

When the Owners/Operators of Blacks Blues Social in Clarion Hotel in Mount Laurel N J got a call from their manager that they were interested in performing there it didn't take much convincing.

Is R&B Dead?? I don't think so. Especially when you get an opportunity to witness live in concert "The Combination" performing this October 2, 2022 at 12pm 1111NJ 73 Mount Laurel N J 08054. Get your tickets now before they sell out! Blacks Blues EventBrite link https://Combinationbrunch.eventbrite.com.

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