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New Hip Hop Artist with old Formula

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Scary Allen underground Hip Hop artist from New Jersey is what many would call a true hip hop head. Don't believe me go to the soundcloud link and listen to his latest project recorded in A C I Muzik studios in Mount Laurel NJ. You'll find the rap style is of someone who has studied the craft of rhyming over music from the days of old to now. Carefully selecting what he liked and disliked to make him Speed Force's Scary Allen.

We first met a year or two by his Music Producer from South of the Mason Dixon in the Virginia/DC area called King Bats. King Bats contacted me with his vision.

He was on a mission to have the Artist that is from the South Jersey area to come into the Studio for a few hours or a day and record all of his music in one day! He actually came back on another day to add some finishing touches. The energy that day was crazy! It was King Bats, Scary Allen and two attractive women. Although, I am sure the women were there to approve of the music. One rule of thumb- "if the girls ain't feeling your music It isn't hot!" Just an important note. Which I feel they were because I got the feeling they were feelin' them...

That mixtape was demonstating his skills and talent. Now he is working on an Album/ or collection of songs, verses, and hooks with some real mean musical tracks the world has got to hear. If you knew Tribe called Quest, and love J. Cole, understand what it really means to have Rap Skills. Check out Speed Force's Scary Allen!

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