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South Jersey's Own Recording Artist Israel McCray chooses A C I Muzik Studios.

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

During the summer of 2017 I got a mixtape called ASF from recording artist Israel McCray. My daughter Imani C. Constant who is also featured on the "Start over again" album and "Forever Humble" single told me about this artist. Before long I was able to reach out to him for a long conversation regarding music. He eventually decided my studio and my ability as a producer was the perfect fit for him. We immediately went to work. From that bond we shared in the love of Hip Hop Music came a faith based Album filled with wordplay that cemented this Wordsmith Hidden Jewel from South Jersey called Israel Mccray. This Artist still seems new to many. But in time and when you find all of his work in Digital Platforms you will begin to appreciate his body of work. From mixtapes, to videos, and of course this album you will see he is someone like you who is not ashamed to admit his flaws, his struggles, and a life much like yours filled with its challenges.

This Recording Artist of the Lightshine Music Label is nothing like the artists that are glorified today. Which in fact makes it difficult to promote. He didn't get shot or shot at. He isn't selling drugs. He isn't degrading women. He is just being as real as they come. While showing you his skillful way of putting his lyrics together that makes me say "wow that kid it hot!"

As a faith based conscience artist he is reaching fans from 69 countries. Still unsatisfied and looking to reach more by sheer motivation. His personality is what drives me to be part of that team of individuals that want to get to know the artist. Hear his recordings and you will feel like you already know Israel Mccray. His latest EP as I have been mixing the project is like hearing some of the reasons most people fall in love with hip hop. The sounds, The vocals, the way the lyrical gymnastics are performed. That is his new body of work that will be in all digital platforms by the end of this month of December.

But while a few out there doubt this artist commitment to his craft and his ability he continues to fulfill his goals and work on being the person he believes God wants him to be. A hard working man fulfilling his dream to have many more witness his gift as a true artist. Look out world as he witnesses to you about how he has been drawn to conclude "No one cares" The EP coming soon!

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