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"Days like this"

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

It's late in the afternoon. I am preparing to record vocals of this new client "Precious Numoney". He gets into the booth and immediately begins to rap to one of his instumental 2 tracks I received from him and his producer/Beatmaker(SwammiqHavin).

We spoke and met over a phone call and his team researching me through google. I guess they realized I wasn't fly by night because we developed an understanding that led to me recording his next project. I have a client base that continue to work with me over the years that I genuinely appreciate. But every now and then others locate me either through google searches or someone who knows somone. Working with Creatives is a blessing for me. I understand their language. I do the work needed to meet or exceed their expectations.

With this artist I enjoyed what he brings to the table. You don't always find rappers who already know the sound they are looking for. Precious New Money is very different. A wide imagination for what he considers to be good music. He is a talent I believe we need to pay attention to!

With his direction we came up with "Thumb it Up"

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