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R&B coming out of South Jersey.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

New Recording Artist MJ born January 5th has always been used to singing as second language in his family. "We all loved to sing and we sang so often that we mastered harmonies and vocal freedom". MJ says he used to mimic Michael Jackson, Usher, R. Kelly, Jagged Edge, Chris Brown, and many more. His brother would often ask him why he sang harmonies to leads from songs like “You make me wanna” and “Take you down” instead of singing the lead, like everyone else." I like making music more than I do the spot light." says MJ.


This is what I have come to enjoy about working with this extraordinary talent. His Humility. But all of this really comes from trust. My wife, Cheryl Constant told me about him and his talent. So when he finally called my studio to set a recording session I knew what I was getting. R&B's newest Gem! If you don't believe it Listen to this new recording "Smile" Recorded in A C I Muzik Studios by Alix Constant. Produced by Tim Da tailor . Video Directed by Crackalack Recording Studio. Video and Single out now.

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