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@MJSTB1 Is performing.

It's Monday evening, the social gathering ban is being lifted in Philadelphia. Micheal St. Bernard is asked to come to a Promo event in the Point Breeze area of Philly. He accepts the opportunity to sing his latest single. "Smile" produced by Tim Datailor. Recorded in A C I Muzik Studios in Mount Laurel New Jersey. That Philly audience received him with a positive response to his singing. Almost as if they were surprised by how great his voice sounds behind the well put together production and writing. The night was a well received one. Many local performers were in attendance. But he certainly sparked interest from a Promotor.

So much that Micheal St Bernard has been booked to perform in another location in the Philadelphia area. June 25th 7pm. He has posted all the information on his social media. If you are a true fan of R&B. You can't miss this one. Especially since you been locked down all this time. You need to get out and witness true art!

Ladies and Gentlemen..Put your hands together for MJStB1.

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