Studio Quarantine

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Since March 13, 2020 A C I Muzik Studios closed it's doors to the regular Session traffic. Without knowing when regular sessions would resume I found myself working on more music production and mix down projects. The amount of music I was able to sell during this period was alarming to me. Simply because I haven't put that much of an effort in selling music creations before. So many clients have either contacted me because I had posted some on instagram/youtube or because of word of mouth marketing. Some of the projects I have sold was because of an inspiration I received from some clients who were interested in a particular sound they had in mind. Thanks to them and the fact that I keep the client goals in mind when I am in the control room at my studio. In my Productions, I work with DAW Protools, Ableton Live. Yamaha Keyboard, EMU Keyboard Controller, MPC2000, and a Violin to help me create my sounds. Plus a few external outboard gear to create more sounds. It has been fun although the way I do business is certainly changing to create a safe and healthy environment. Based on the new instructions followed by CDC and Audio Engineer Society and Producers and Engineers Wing[NARAs]. I have been following all protocols to prevent the spread of COVID19.

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