Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business Present George Gates "70 Bars"

On a day that I was wrapping up mixes on a another project. I received a call from Blac of the Unfinished Business music group from New Jersey. I was immediately taken back by the professionalism of this client before I got the chance to meet his artist "George Gates"

George Gates during a photo shoot

His vision was so interesting to me that I was immediately drawn in and wanted to be part of his team. You see with every client I act as if it is my first job interview. The reason is because it is an interview. The client will either hire me to assist them with their project or not.

By the time I met George Gates I knew this was something special. I wasn't only his audio engineer. I immediately became his music producer as well. As you found out in his debut single/video "70 Bars" on YouTube now.

Don't get it misunderstood. This trip wasn't his first rodeo. Working in a studio and making music just didn't begin with me. As I got to working with him and Blac you find out they have been at this a long time. You see, just because we hear of an artist the first time we all think they are new to the scene. But it reality this act has been in the trenches paying his dues. As they say "Watch me Work!" Unfinished Business.


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