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Welcome to the world of BayBito

The artist I know as Baybito came to me through his manager. I have had a good relationship with @blac_ub for a while. He had talented rapper/ Singer he worked with and was putting a demo together for. So he hired my studio to do the work. During that time we always kept a good working relationship. So when he contacted me during a time the Covid shut down happen. I was all in. I sent him two beats and he sent them back with a new act he found. I was blown away by the energy coming out of my Yamaha NS10s. Fast forward until now we never released those songs until I got a call from him telling me he wants to film a video of one of the songs. Of course, I am always honored when a artist finds a sound that I create become their sound. To me it's like a discovery. You see for some it could take a really long time to find their sound. But when they do it defines them. It is who the artist is. It is what drives them to create some of the greatest songs many people Identify with. While writing this in my blog. We are still currently in a Mix down phase of one of those singles. Plus, it looks like I may be in the process of putting together more works for Baybito. Look out world. He Comin'!

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