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DJ Event for a corporate party

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I got an email from a Major Warehouse Distribution Center. I realized it is a client I have done a DJ event for in previous years. Checking my schedule to see if I can host/DJ a party Rebranding event. Of course, I am excited to work for this previous customer. Especially repeat business means a satisfied customer! So I make sure that I connect with them and thank them for considering me again. I know what I provide for a client when it comes to DJ services but there are a lot of others out there to choose from. Like everything else in life you get what you pay for. So I make it my business to be mindful of the idea that customers make choices on budget and sometimes personality. But most of all “the more bang for the buck.” With that in mind I value my clients enough to exceed expectations. Brittney R. (one of the managers) said she needed lights and sound for three rooms. I always check with my clients prior to the actual event so I am prepared for any adjustments. A Music Mix for 5 hours. Dancing and the opportunity for the CEO, COO, CFO to speak to its staff. Overall, A great evening.

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