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Exit 5 Band Performs in Mt Laurel NJ

Updated: Jan 26

On December 16 2022 the Exit 5 band performed in front of an intimate but full crowd in the Lakou Events located at 2901 Marne Hwy, Mount Laurel, NJ. I have watched this band perform many times in other venues throughout the area. Capable of a full show for corporate events, weddings, etc., Yet, this was a little different. Before the show they hired me to DJ for them before the set and during their intermission. I was humbled and accepted the task. Because of my extensive knowledge around sound engineering I was able to assist in putting together the right kind of sound equipment for this particular set. Lucky for me this band is fully capable of providing all the equipment for such an undertaking. I can’t say that this is normal but this is a fully capable and professional band that is ready to perform. All you have to do is ask. Find out what they require and be prepared to enjoy those sounds as they take you through the journey of those favorite classics of R&B you have always loved!

On this particular night the band had a one hour set dedicated to play a majority of Chaka Khan covers. Lakou Events had a nice dinner spread available which I heard everyone was extremely happy with. While intermission went on I played those sounds that reminded everyone of the times those covers came out. Then the band finished their set with a variety of songs from Beyonce to Kool and the Gang. The crowd wasn't ready to leave unfortunately the establishment was ready to lock the place up. Needless to say it was a good time for all those that participated in this show.

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