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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

In a time when we are reaching another variant spread of the Pandemic. Micheal St.

Bernard the artist from the Philly/South Jersey area continues to maintain focused on delivering good music to his audience. Since this entire situation has limited many performers from doing what they love.

How can anyone find themselves "Happy" in these tough times. Let's be honest. Performers are truly having a tough time too. Venues are not filling up to capacity to prevent another spread. People are afraid of a vaccine shot. Social unrest has awaken this country. Political climate is seperating all of it's people. Yet, Micheal St. Bernard finds himself "Happy".

How? you ask? Well, focusing on all the good things life has to offer instead of concentrating on the negative. I truly feel that when I listen to this song by Micheal St. Bernard/A C I Muzik. It does "make me Happy" when I put the song on. Not to mention the vocals and production moves you in that direction too. Take a listen you'll get the same reaction.

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