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Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee "Made for Now" single Produced by Harmony Samuels grabs attention

Urban Radio Stations are paying special attention to this sonic beauty. When great records are made I pay attention to names like Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Harmony Samuels. Which, if you don't know Harmony Samuels I am sure you know his work. Harmony Samuels’ impressive production resume is constantly growing. After working with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child and Brandy, he adds music icon Janet Jackson to the list of his high-profile collaborations. The London native is the genius behind music/sound production.

He is in the picture with JoJo on the right. I also have to assume that the Engineer at the bottom photo Steve Hodge had a lot to do with the recording and mixing since it was recorded in the presence of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. I got an inside source that tells me they don't record with out him in the room. Been that way for almost 30 years. Producers like artist don't like changing engineers especially when they get along so well together. I myself particularly liked what he does with daddy Yankee's voice in choruses. He now teaches as well. He has done it all trust a student of the game freinds.

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