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As I was completing a #mix on the now published and #released #Album by #IsraelMccray titled 'Start over Again". I received a call from a good friend from #NVME_designs. The call was about a young talented teenager from #Philadelphia. Apparently, she heard a demo that grabbed her attention. I was very interested because this particular stylist/designer I always found has good judgement in my experience. So I got the opportunity to meet this artist. We sat down for a few minutes and just talked. While I banged out a few tunes I caught his interest as he began to mumble a few words together. I told him to write them down so you don't forget it. He may not have realized it. But I was ready to record his first single. The chorus was written and #recorded by the stylist Nicole Valentine of #Nvme_designs. That is how this artist career began. What I really didn't pay much attention to was he is even better a singer than he is a rapper. So Look out world for Xavier Smith!

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