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Studio Times are Changing!

Boy, a lot has changed from the first time I recorded on 2 inch tape. That was the late 80's. Studio's were cash cows then. You built a studio with a small clientele then your studio got billed out the rest of the year by some big time record label. No overhead worries. Everything you did on the side was a bonus. Interns got to learn and build a client base too, while they got paid for doing some exceptional work for some demos and independents. If you wanted to question some of these interns well no need because they mostly became Grammy award winners later on. So no need to question competency. Not too long ago, I recorded a young woman in my studio in Mount laurel, New Jersey. A quiet suburb town 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Gifted with a great voice. I was fortunate to capture a powerful and yet unique voice. Sasha Truth who now has album/ep on Itunes and google play called “Is It Me” Popular in culture and yet urban enough for where she is from Philadelphia. As beautiful as the woman, the record, and voice is you could almost guarantee success. But artist now need to realize if they are doing it all on their own. Success is at your own terms. Those that do become their own brand on their terms with a great amount of financial and artistic freedom.

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