What happen to the Love Songs

Recording Artist Micheal St. Bernard who recorded the "Smile" Single and Video in November 2020 asked me this question in one of our recording sessions and I really couldn't answer the question. In an age where we continue to glamourize being locked in chains and behind bars I find myself at a loss. This has fueled his ability to freely write songs that reflect emotions for that someone special. After he recorded "Smile" single. We recorded "Stay featuring Evryday Tony" Also from New Jersey in A C I Muzik Studios. Which was produced and mixed by a local producer JSlant. That was when I began to craft a sound that I believe is his own. He has continued to work on his music pursuits by writing and vocal producing and performing.

If you haven't been following this artist on Social Media you may want to start. It is exciting to watch an artist while he comes into his own.

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