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Why I started recording

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

There have been many times I start reflecting back to when I first fell in love with Audio Recording Technology. It might have been the first time I heard the record "I need a Beat" by LL Cool J. Or, it may have been the first time my brother Frantz told me that there were going to be Master mixes at 9 p.m. at night on our favorite radio station. Either Red Alert on KissFM or Mister Magics Rap Attack on WBLS in NYC. By then I understood how the pause button on cassette tape worked and the journey began in the '80s for me. My curiuosity, education, and training may have started from that point and beyond. By '86 I was in the studio working on the art of production, and recording. By the '90's I spent time being a warrior in the military and by the 2000's I continued my passion and pursuits to be the best I can in the Audio Industry. That pursuit still stands by the way.

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